We’re Social!

Yep – we have social feeds.
And we tell you all about them in this video.

Crosswalk PSA

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Doesn’t matter – at least he made it.
The crosswalks around town can feel a little risky at times – Sister and I have a few nuggets of wisdom to help make crossing the street a bit safer.

Trailblazer Park PSA

In this video, Sister and I offer some friendly neighborhood advice when it comes to enjoying your time at any Trailblazer Park event.
Let us know and share this video with your friends – come see us!

Chautauqua – History is Coming at Ya!

History is alive and well and it’s coming at ya!
In this video, Sister and I talk about Chautauqua and how you get to experience history in a fun and FREE way!
Who would you like to see portrayed at a Greenville Chautauqua?
Let us know and share this video with your friends – come see us!

We Made it to Poinsett Bridge!

WE FINALLY MADE IT – after many attempts thwarted by foul weather, we took our field trip to Poinsett Bridge and it was a success (although we got run off by a BIG storm).
Sisters Joyce and Nancy McCarrell talk history and even drop in a few PSA’s along the way while visiting Poinsett Bridge.

You Like FREE Stuff, Right?

The weather is SLOWLY getting warmer, and pretty soon, you’ll want a refreshing drink to cool you down (and you’ll still want your coffee too, no doubt).
How much MORE refreshing would that drink be if it were free AND you could make the world a better place in the process?
Watch this video to find out how – share it with your friends and then come by and see Sister and I at the Café!

Café Chat – March 2018

In this episode, Sister and I aren’t feeling too springy.
Maybe it’s because of the frigid weather that refuses to realize Spring has sprung!
Be sure to visit us here at the Café!

Café Chat – February 2018

In this episode, Sister and I tackle going green…er. We share some of the greener steps we are taking at the Café and how you can not only help, but you can benefit from the effort too!

Café Chat – January 2018

Happy New Year and THANK YOU ALL.
In this episode, you’ll get to see our Business Person of the Year Award and you’ll also get to hear about New Year’s Resolutions and even the difficulties of eye drops.
What resolutions did you make? Tell us about it and then drop by to see us at the Café!