Café Chat – March 2017

Sister and I pull out some of our favorite books from our childhood and share some thoughts on those stories that never grow old.
This time, we were on the campus of Furman University and we rediscover some of those stories that you heard many years ago.

Café Chat – February 2017

Sister and I had to dig deep for this one – it was such a gloomy day and we had to postpone the field trip we were going to take for this video!
In this video, we talk about celebrating Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day for some) as well as some of the new and bright and Springy items that are in our gift shop.
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Café Chat – January 2017

Happy New Year, everyone!
Sister and I want to thank you for making 2016 great – now we are looking forward to a wonderful 2017.
There are lots of changes on the horizon and we’re excited to bring you more great food and more fun videos this year – who knows where our videos will take us?
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Café Chat – December

After a year in the works, Sister and I have a Christmas present for you all – our bloopers and outtakes!
Many thanks to you all who have continued to support us for so many years, especially in 2016.
Come see us in 2017!

Café Chat – November

Sister and I make a BIG announcement you don’t want to miss!
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Café Chat – October

The season is changing and so are the colors of the leaves… and other things as well.
Sister and I let you know what else changes colors this time of year.
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Café Chat – September

It’s still hot, y’all.
But change is coming and there are some changes coming to the Café as well.
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Café Chat – August

Grab a Ball jar and listen as Sister and I discuss the thrills and spills of canning and how it can bring people together or cause them to find something else to do when you need to pick okra.
Do you have a memory of canning? Tell us about it!
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Café Chat – July

Sister and I try to stay cool on the porch because things are heating up in Travelers Rest and especially here at the Café.
We share some details about some big news and we also want to be sure that you know we’ll be open Monday, July 4th.
Come by and see us at the Café!

Y’all Come Celebrate with Us!


Cafe at Williams Hardware BLT

We are so excited to announce that we are one of three restaurants nationwide to advance in the Neighborhood to Nation™ Recipe Contest from General Mills Foodservice. The 2nd annual contest called on independent family or “neighborhood” restaurants to submit an original recipe in the categories of breakfast, entrée or dessert for the chance to put their local dishes and local “flavor” in the national spotlight.

Our very own Christina Halstead’s recipe for BLT on Pimento Cheese Buttermilk Biscuit w/Red Pepper Jelly (photo above) won the Breakfast Category in the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest. The tasty sandwich, a twist on a classic BLT sandwich that features pepper jelly pizzazz, has already been a hit among the café’s customers.

Come visit with us as we celebrate this amazing award!

WHEN: Wednesday, June 15 at 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Right here! Café @ Williams Hardware, 12 South Main Street, Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Christina will join the other two Recipe Contest winners to travel to General Mills’ headquarters in Minneapolis on June 21-22 to find out if she is the Grand Prize winner who will receive $50,000 ($40,000 cash plus $10,000 for a local charity). The First Place Recipe Winner will win $15,000, and the Second Place Recipe Winner will receive $10,000. Celebrity Chef Amanda Freitag Food Network’s “Chopped” and “American Diner Revival” will make the official Grand Prize announcement on June 22nd.

In the meantime, y’all are invited to visit with us on June 15th at 3:30 p.m. to celebrate the award-winning recipe in the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest and wish her well before her trip to Minneapolis.

  • The Café will be presented with a blank check from a General Mills’ representative; the final amount will be announced on June 22.
  • Y’all will be treated to samples of Christina’s winning recipe.

Come and celebrate with us!