Café Chat – October 2015

It’s time to give thanks and we wax nostalgic as we remember some Thanksgiving memories.
Also, we want to invite you to visit Travelers Rest to take care of all of your Christmas shopping (instead of daring some of the crazy roads in the area).
Also, be sure to drop in the Café to get your official “If You Can’t See Paris Mountain, You’re Too Far From Home” t-shirts while supplies last.
Come see us!

Café Chat – September 2015

Okay, everybody – here is our most recent video!
Sister and I talk about the changing of the season and all the things you can do in the coming weeks.
And guess what? We now have our very own official “If You Can’t See Paris Mountain, You’re Too Far From Home” t-shirts.
Come in and grab one while supplies last!
Do us a favor and watch this video and share it with your friends!

Café Chat – August 2015

In this video, Sister and I talk about a big exhibit coming to the area.
We also go through a list of events that are sure to be a real Hoo Ha!
If you don’t know what a “Hoo Ha” is – watch this video and learn.

Café Chat – July 2015

This time we talk about all things old and all things new and all things bright and shiny – and it all has to do with Travelers Rest!
Be sure that you stop in and see us here at the Café.

Café Chat – June 2015

Sister and I play it safe when it comes to horse’n around.
But there is a place not far from the Café that really knows what’s going on when it comes to the horse variety.
Watch this video to learn a little bit about this amazing place that’s just down the road.

Be sure to share this video with your friends and come by to see us at the Café!

Café Chat – May 2015

Hey, y’all! We decided to hit the links at Paris Mountain Country Club.
We talk about Father’s Day and try to demonstrate our putting skills (even though there weren’t any windmills or volcanoes around).
Come and see us at the Café!

Café Chat – April

Hey, y’all! We have lots to share with you about what’s happening on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and the Farmers Market in Travelers Rest.
Also, we’ll give you a little preview of some new things in the Café’s upscale gift shop.
Stop in and visit us soon!

Café Chat – March 2015

Spring has sprung at the Café at Williams Hardware, and the we want to get you ready for the changing of the seasons.
Hear about the new hours in the Café gift shop, parking info and why Joyce is wearing a purple shirt.

Café Chat – February 2015

In this episode of Café Chat, Sister and I invite you to get ready for Easter and we also make a really cool announcement.
Please watch the video, but be sure to come and visit us here at the Café.

Café Chat – A New Year

It’s a new year and there are lots of new things happening in Travelers Rest.
New restaurants.
New stores.
And new opportunities to join the growth along the trail. Sister and I tell you all about it!