You Like FREE Stuff, Right?

The weather is SLOWLY getting warmer, and pretty soon, you’ll want a refreshing drink to cool you down (and you’ll still want your coffee too, no doubt).
How much MORE refreshing would that drink be if it were free AND you could make the world a better place in the process?
Watch this video to find out how – share it with your friends and then come by and see Sister and I at the Café!

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  1. Barbara says:

    I took you off my list quite awhile ago and would now like to get back on, but my correct email keeps getting rejected saying it’s already in use, but it isn’t because that’s me! Please put me back on. I so enjoy getting them.
    And btw, is your famous $10,000. Biscuit sandwich still on the menu?

    • Joyce McCarrell says:

      Barbara, I just noticed your comment–sorry for the delay! I will see what I can do to get your name back on our email list. So if you don’t see an email next week, on Wednesday, please let me know. And yes, we are having the $50K Biscuit, not on the menu but as a special. So it’s not every day, but if you check the website you can see the daily specials.

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