Our Story

Café at Williams Hardware SistersAs young girls, sisters Joyce and Nancy McCarrell were two of the more memorable children in Travelers Rest, mainly because it seemed as though they were everywhere all the time.

Whether tearing down State Park Road on their bicycles, making house calls with their father, Dr. McCarrell, or catching lightening bugs in a jar, Joyce and Nancy were the very definition of hometown girls.

After several decades of success in their respective professional careers, Joyce and Nancy wanted to come back home for good. They also wanted to give back to Travelers Rest— by honoring the community that made such a lasting impression on their lives.

One of their aunts often said “one generation moves in, one generation moves up and one generation moves out” and that has happened in the McCarrell family. Now, their brother is the Dr. McCarrell people talk about.

“We wanted to be an active part in the revitalization of Travelers Rest,” said Nancy. “Then we heard the Williams Hardware building was for sale,” said Joyce. “When we walked into the old store, we knew we were home.”

The McCarrells have recreated a place out of the past that means so much to all of Travelers Rest and they welcome you to The Cafe @ Williams Hardware to enjoy an old fashioned taste of comfort, community and conversation.